Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Joyous Xmas Party

Its Party Time! Our firm annual Christmas Party celebrations at Don Quijote, a Spanish Restaurant (frequently rated as the best Spanish Restaurant in Singapore) located at Dempsey Hill.

As per instructed, we all gather at lobby waiting for boarding.

Hehe..the 1st cap -- Peien & me

We reached finally the said best Spanish Restaurant in Singapore.
Wooo..such a beauty & peace place.

Everyone of us attend to a gift which we have prepared earlier, and a poker card upon arriving.
After the thankful speech given by our IC, the give & receive program start by searching the one who hold the poker card with the same number and colour with you.

The delicious food and free flow wine come.
My 1st drink -- San Miguel followed by the Red Wine.

See our dear Peien, get so excited with the Xmas gift!

There is a game in between.
Our task is to find the 4 letters (X M A S) by explode the ballon.

The Winner Team!

See what we have won..

~Yam Seng~

Haha..my xmas gift!
Many thanks to the secret Santa Claus! Hohoho..

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